pneumonia treatment at home: Way To Ease Symptoms

pneumonia treatment at home: Way To Ease Symptoms

Do you know that when children have pneumonia, their condition becomes very serious?  Do you know that thousands of children die every year worldwide due to pneumonia?  Do you know that this disease can happen to adults including children?  Yes, it is true.  Pneumonia is a serious disease.  In this disease, the lungs become inflamed.  Water gets filled in the lungs.  The disease can take serious form if symptoms are not identified at the right time and start treatment.  Do you know about the symptoms of pneumonia?

Let us tell you about the symptoms, causes, home remedies and abstinence of pneumonia so that you can take home remedies for pneumonia with all these remedies.

pneumonia treatment at home

pneumonia treatment at home

What is Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a lung infection.  It is mainly due to virus or bacterial infection.  It can also be caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites.  In addition, pneumonia can also be caused by infection with micro-organisms, certain drugs, and other diseases.

Symptoms of Pneumonia

⇒Flu-like symptoms are felt when there is pneumonia.  These symptoms may develop slowly or rapidly.

⇒The main symptom of pneumonia is cough.

⇒The patient feels weak and tired.

⇒Suffering from a cough with mucus.

⇒The patient may also have sweating and tremors with fever.

⇒The patient has difficulty breathing, or else he starts breathing rapidly.

⇒Chest pain.

⇒Feeling uneasy.

⇒Loss of appetite.


Symptoms of Pneumonia in Children


These symptoms occur when young children develop pneumonia: –

⇒Small children start sweating and shivering with fever.

⇒When children are coughing too much.

⇒He looks unwell.

⇒He is not feeling hungry.

pneumonia treatment at home

Types of Pneumonia

The five types of pneumonia are:

1.Bacterial Pneumonia

It is caused by various bacteria such as Streptococcus pneumoniae.  This happens when the body becomes weak.  Pneumonia can occur if you suffer from bacteria due to some disease, lack of nutrition, old age etc.  Bacterial pneumonia can affect all ages.

2.Viral Pneumonia

This type of pneumonia is caused by various viral including influenza (flu).  Bacterial pneumonia is more likely to occur if you have viral pneumonia.

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3.Mycoplasma Pneumonia

There are some different symptoms.  It is caused by a bacterium called Mycoplasam pneumoniae.

4.Aspiration Pneumonia

This type of pneumonia is caused by any food, fluid or dust.  This type of pneumonia is sometimes difficult to cure.

5.Fungal Pneumonia

It is caused by various places or other causes like fungus.

pneumonia treatment at home

Causes of Pneumonia

Pneumonia can be caused by:

⇒Viruses, bacteria, fungus or other organisms can cause pneumonia.

⇒Many types of bacteria can cause pneumonia.

⇒In most of the cases, the organism (bacteria or virus) that causes pneumonia is not detected even by examination.

Home Remedies for Pneumonia

You can do the following remedies to treat pneumonia at home: –


Add four cups of water to a cup of milk.  Put half a teaspoon of garlic in it and boil it.  When it remains one-fourth after boiling, then consume it twice a day.

Garlic for Pneumonia


Infections are reduced by taking steam.  It also improves the patient’s ability to breathe.  Steam reduces cough, and also removes chest tightness.

Mustard Oil:

Add turmeric powder to the mustard oil.  Massage your chest with this.  This protects against pneumonia.  It benefits.


Turmeric is also helpful in relieving shortness of breath.  It reduces phlegm.  Add turmeric powder to hot milk 2 times a day.

Mix half a teaspoon turmeric and quarter teaspoon pepper powder in a glass of lukewarm water.  Take it once a day.

Holy Basil:

Add freshly ground black pepper to the juice of basil leaves.  Drink it every six hours.  This will help you get relief from pneumonia.


Peppermint reduces burning and mucus.  Make tea by taking fresh mint leaves.  It works as a medicine for pneumonia.


You can add some red chili to carrot juice.  Both of these are helpful in treating pneumonia.  For better benefits, consult an Ayurvedic doctor.  Ayurvedic treatment of pneumonia can prove to be effective.

Carrot for Pneumonia


Add fenugreek seeds, a spoonful of ginger paste, a garlic clove and a little black pepper to a cup of water.  Boil it for five minutes.  Add half a teaspoon of honey to it.  Drink it 3 to 4 times a day.


Boil one teaspoon of sesame seeds in one cup of water.  Sieve it and mix one spoon of honey and a little salt.  Drink this mixture daily.


Toast cloves and grind them.  Lick 1/2 to 1 gram of honey 3 to 4 times daily.  It will have miraculous benefits.  For better benefits, consult an Ayurvedic doctor.

pneumonia treatment at home


Other Home Remedies for Pneumonia

⇒During pneumonia, vegetable juices like carrot juice, spinach juice, beet juice, cucumber juice and other vegetable juices are beneficial for your health.

⇒To cure cough, gargle with half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water.  With this help, the mucus and irritation present in your throat will be reduced.

⇒Taking a cup of coffee removes shortness of breath.


Diet during Pneumonia Disease

In case of pneumonia, your food should be like this:

⇒Try to maintain your normal diet, as it is necessary to eat a balanced diet to recover.

⇒Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.

⇒Green leafy vegetables and fruits should be consumed daily.

⇒Eat dairy products like curd, milk shake etc.

⇒Eat light meals of meat, fish or eggs.

⇒Eat well-cooked vegetables.

Pneumonia symptoms


Lifestyle during Pneumonia Disease

In case of pneumonia, your lifestyle should be like this:

⇒Pneumonia can occur in any season, but during the winter season it increases the risk.

⇒Dress the children in the same clothes, so that his body remains warm.

⇒If given anti-biotic then complete the course, otherwise the disease may come back.

⇒Take care of cleanliness by reducing indoor pollution (indoors or around), and cleanliness.

⇒Pneumonia can be prevented to a great extent by applying the vaccine.

⇒Applying Vicks on the chest provides relief.

⇒Children younger than 2 years and over 65 years of age should be vaccinated.

⇒Take special care of young children.  Protect them from cold and keep them in the sun.

⇒Take care of yourself during the change of seasons.


Precaution Tips for Pneumonia Disease

In case of pneumonia, you should avoid these things: –

⇒If someone has a cough, stay away from it.

⇒Keep a handkerchief on the mouth while coughing, so that germs come out of the mouth and do not attack others.

⇒If the child has a cough, do not send it to school until it is fully cured, so that other children do not have infection.

⇒Do not give the diet to which the patient is allergic.

⇒Avoid sugar and sugar products, and very sweet fruits.

⇒Do not consume soft drinks or foods and a professionally processed diet.

⇒Do not consume all foods in which artificial substances like color etc. have been added.

⇒Reduce intake of milk and dairy products, as they increase the maximum mucus in the body.

⇒Do not go as much as possible in places with high pollution.

⇒Do not smoke (smoking) nor allow anyone near you to smoke.

⇒Keep yourself covered.  Do not eat very cold things.

⇒Do not consume coffee and other caffeinated products.


What can cause pneumonia disease that is not cured early

Pneumonia is a serious disease.  It is a contagious disease associated with the lungs.  There are many symptoms of cold, cold, fever etc.  The patient should take special care in this.  Special care should be taken while avoiding Ayurvedic remedies daily.  Do not eat too spicy, cold and outside things.  If the Ayurvedic remedy is not done properly, then the patient does not get benefit.

Does pneumonia also occur due to change of weather?

Yes!  Pneumonia can occur due to change in weather.  With the changing seasons, the environment and our body temperature change.  Staying in cold, eating or drinking can also cause pneumonia.

What age group do people have pneumonia?

Pneumonia occurs after a fever or a cold.  Especially children younger than 5 years and those above 60 years are prone to pneumonia, as their immunity is low.

What other diseases can cause pneumonia?

If pneumonia is not treated at the right time, these problems can occur: –

⇒Bacteria that enter the blood from the patient’s lungs can also affect other organs, causing problems in the functioning of other organs.

⇒If the patient has severe pneumonia, he may have trouble taking enough oxygen in his breath.  The condition can be so severe that the patient has to be hospitalized.  Have to use breathing machines like ventilators etc.

⇒Pneumonia can cause fluid buildup in the thin space between the layers of the lungs.  If the material becomes infected, it may have to be removed through a chest tube or by surgery (surgery).

⇒There is an abscess in the lungs of a patient suffering from pneumonia, which is usually cured with anti-biotic drugs.  Sometimes a long needle or tube is required to perform the drainage.

When to Contact a Doctor?

Pneumonia treatment

In the following cases, the doctor should be contacted as soon as possible, otherwise the results can be fatal.

⇒When the patients are above 60 years of age.

⇒When the patient’s BP Systolic is greater than 140 and Dystolic is less than 90 mmhg.

⇒When the patient’s breath is fast.

⇒When breathing assistance is required.

⇒The patient’s temperature is lower than normal.

⇒The patient’s heart rate is below 50 or above 100.


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