What is Casaba Melon And Benefits

What is Casaba Melon And Benefits

casaba melon is very popular for its sweetness and flavor.  Nuts are made from the kernel of melon seeds which are used in various types of sweets.  You must also consume melon, but do you know that diseases can also be treated with the benefits of melon.  According to Ayurveda, melon contains high amounts of calcium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C.  Due to these properties, the body gets a lot of benefit by consuming chibud fruit.(Casaba Melon Benefits)

casaba melon protects the body from diseases such as scurvy.  Juice of casaba melon fruit is also beneficial in eczema, urinary disorders, headaches, facial spots and spots.  Let us know how you can use melon.

What is Casaba Melon

Casaba Melon

Casaba Melon Cucumber is a fruit of the same race.  These fruits are eaten fresh.  Cadaba melon is available in many colors, but usually it turns green to yellow or orange upon ripening.  Its fruits grow in long vines.  Its creeper is thin, spreading on the ground, melon-like, and thick-rooted.

It contains up to 90 percent water.  Therefore, consumption of Casaba melon in summer gives great benefits.  Casaba melon seeds contain 40-50 percent oil.  Melon is used as a salad.  Raw fruits are also used as a vegetable in rural areas.  Here all the benefits from Casaba melon have been written in very easy words so that you can get full benefits from Casaba melon.

Casaba Melon

Medicinal Benefits and Uses of Casaba Melon

Casaba Melon is also very beneficial in reducing weight, as it does not contain much amount of sugar and calories.  You can cure many diseases using Casaba Melon.  Let’s know

Casaba Melon For Headache

Fry the seeds of Casaba Melon in ghee.  Put it in sugar syrup and consume it.  It provides great relief in headache.  You can also make laddus by adding mawa to it as desired.

Casaba Melon seed to treat Throat Irritation

Gargle by making a decoction of the seeds of Casaba Melon.  It provides great relief in throat irritation.  For better result, please consult an doctor.

Casaba Melon Benefits to Cure Pigmentation

Grind Casaba Melon seeds and fruit peels.  By applying it on the face, facial spots, freckles etc. are erased.  This application also makes the face soft, and brings glow to the face.

Casaba Melon For Chest Burn

Casaba Melon chest burn

Grind the seeds of Casaba Melon (2 grams) and cucumber seeds (2 grams).  Mix half gram black pepper and 5 grams sugar candy in it and filter it.  Drinking this provides relief in heartburn.

Casaba Melon for Gastritis

Small children have problems of flatulence.  Due to flatulence, stomachache also starts.  The child cries a lot, and many times the mother does not understand what is causing the problem to the child.  In such condition grind the melon seeds.  Applying it on the stomach of children by lukewarm removes the stomach gas, and provides relief in pain.

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Casaba Melon Fruits to Stop Dysentery

In the initial stage of diarrhea, when the intestine, phlegm and deodorant are recurring, eat Casaba Melon pulp with dry ginger, black pepper and cumin powder and rock salt on top.  This helps in digestion of the intestine and eliminates the problem of stool from stool.(1)

Casaba Melon Fruits for Urinal Problems

Casaba Melon fruit should be consumed in urination related problems.  This eliminates all urinary problems.

Feeding the seeds of Casaba Melon with sugar and black pepper gives rise to urination, and eliminates urinary disorders.

Grind the seeds of Casaba Melon and mix it in the milk.  Drinking this cures urination problems.

Mixing equal quantity of sugar candy in 5-10 grams of powdered Casaba Melon and eating it helps to relieve pain during urination.

Casaba Melon Uses for Kidney

Casaba Melon For Kidney

Casaba Melon has the power to melt stones.  Grind 5-10 grams of Casaba Melon seeds and mix it with water.  It provides relief from kidney pain.

By this, the stone also melts and comes out of the body.

Casaba Melon also performs muskmelon benefits.

Casaba Melon Benefits in Syphilis Disease

Syphilis is a sexual disease.  For this, grind 5 grams of Casaba Melon seeds in water.  Add 15-20 drops of sandal oil to it.  Taking it is beneficial in syphilis (syphilis).

Casaba Melon to Treat Body Weakness

Drink Casaba Melon seeds daily.  This makes the body healthy.

It removes physical weakness.

Due to excess of protein, it is also beneficial for bones, hair and nails.

Casaba Melon for Sunstroke

In summer, there is a problem of sunstroke.  Grind the seeds of Casaba Melon and apply it on the head and the whole body.  Due to this, problems such as burning sensation, pain and fever due to sunstroke are cured.  It provides coolness in the body.

Casaba Melon to Treat Cancer

According to a research, melons are found to have anti-carcinogenic properties, which helps in reducing the symptoms of cancer.

Casaba Melon to Treat Stress

The main cause of stress is believed to be an increase in Vata dosha.  Melon is found to have Vata sedative properties due to which it also helps in reducing stress.

Casaba Melon for Eye Disease

If you have any problem related to the eyes, then eating cantaloupe can be beneficial for you because melon is considered beneficial for the eyes.

Casaba Melon for Insomnia

Disorders in the veins arise due to excess of Vata, causing a state of insomnia.  Vata in melons helps in relieving insomnia due to its sedative properties.

Casaba Melon for Skin Disease

Psoriasis disease that occurs on the skin is also called Witcharika or Aparas disease in Hindi.  It is a very painful disease.  In this disease, itching occurs anywhere in the whole body.  This disease can happen to anyone, male or female, at any age.  In the case of psoriasis, grinding melon fruits has benefits.

How to Use Casaba melon

5-10 grams of Casaba Melon powder should be used.

Here all the benefits of melon have been written in very easy words so that you can get the full benefit from melon, but do take the advice of a doctor to use melon as a medicine.

Precaution and Side Effects of Casaba Melon

Consumption of Casaba Melon can also cause:

Put the melon in cold water for a while before eating.

It is okay to eat cantaloupe shortly after a meal.

Eating melon on an empty stomach or before meals increases the chances of bile-dosha in the body.  Some also get fever due to Pitta dosha.

Melon is very cold and fragrant, so those who have a lot of cold and cough, or whose digestion is weak, should not eat melon.

Consumption of water and milk after eating cantaloupe damages.

There is a possibility of cholera by drinking water immediately after eating cantaloupe.

Drinking a glass of sugar syrup after eating it in proper quantity is particularly useful for digestion.

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