Exercises To Shape The Nose | Nose Exercise

Exercises To Shape The Nose

The nose plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of the face.  Beautiful nose attracts everyone’s attention.  This is the reason that some actresses take the shape of their nose by taking surgery and bring it in shape and want to make it look slim.  Seeing their beautiful nose, sometimes the question comes in their mind that how to make their nose beautiful.  Keeping this in mind, we are telling you in this article of mprajya how to bring the nose in shape. Read Full Article Exercises To Shape The Nose | Nose Exercise

Let us start the article with the knowledge of exercise to bring the nose in shape.

Nose Exercises

Here we are telling you several types of exercises to get the nose in shape.  Yes, you can get a better shape nose by adopting some regular exercises to get the nose in shape.  Let’s know how to shape the nose –

1. Nose Shaping

Nose Shaping

These exercises are for women, who are always sad to see the shape of their nose.  If you exercise regularly to bring the nose in shape, then the chances of getting it in shape may increase.

How to do:

•First of all sit comfortably on the yoga mat and keep the waist straight.

•After this take a deep breath and release.

•Now take a deep breath again and lightly press the nose from side to side with the index fingers of your two hands i.e. fingers with the thumb.

•After this, forcefully exhale through the nose.

•Take special care that you do not leave the breath too loudly.

•Repeat this exercise 10 times per hour.

2. Nose Shortening

Nose Shortening


This is a fairly easy exercise that can be done anywhere at any time.  This can not only get the nose in shape, but can also help protect the cartilage (soft tissue) from damage.

How to do:

•Sit on a clean place by laying yoga mats or sheets and keep the waist straight.

•Then with your index finger make a slight pressure on the tip of the nose, ie the tip of the nose.

•Now move the nose downwards and then upwards through the finger.

•For better results you can do this exercise as many times as you want during the day.

3. Nose Straightening

Nose Straightening

This may be the best exercise to straighten the nose.  This exercise done with a small smile can give a better shape to the nose.

How to do:

•For this, smile and then raise your nose with the help of fingers.

•This process will help in building the muscles of the sides of the nose.

•Repeat this process 20 to 30 times daily for better results.

4. Breathing Exercise

Exercise breathing can be very beneficial in shaping the nose.  This exercise is not only beneficial for the body, but it can also help in shaping the nose better.

How to do:

•Close your right nostril with the thumb of the right hand and take a deep breath from the left nostril.

•Now close the left nostril with the middle finger of your right hand and exhale through the right nostril by removing the thumb of the left hand.

•Then take a deep breath from the right nostril and then exhale through the left nostril.

•Thus a cycle of this breathing exercise is completed.

•This can be done 10-12 times daily.

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5. Nose Wingling Exercise

Exercises To Shape The Nose | Nose Exercise

This exercise is more beneficial for muscles than shaping the nose.  This will definitely make the muscles of the nose strong, which can improve the shape of the nose.

How to do:

•Holding your nose with your fingers while keeping your face steady, gently move.

•This can be done sometime in the day to get better results.

6. Nose Massage

Like respiratory exercises, nasal massage also has many benefits.  Any kind of headache can be relieved and nose can also come in shape.

How to do?

•For this, every part of your nose needs to be massaged.  First massage the upper part of the nose, then massage the lower part.

•You can take a few drops of coconut or olive oil to massage.

•While massaging, rotate your fingers in a circular direction.

•This exercise can be done sometime in the day.

7. Exercise to remove smile line

Exercises To Shape The Nose | Nose Exercise

The smile line gets darker with age, which seems clunky.  You can also exercise to overcome it.

How to do:

•For this, first inflate your mouth and rotate the air in every part of the mouth.  Keep the air in each part for five seconds.

•After this, you can open the mouth and release air.

•Repeat this process daily to get better results.

Note: There is no research available regarding nose shaping exercises yet.  The information given in the article is based on people’s experiences.

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Here we are telling what things should be kept in mind while exercising to bring the nose in shape.

Precautions for  Nose Exercises

In order to bring the nose in shape, it is important to take care of some precautions along with exercise.  Know below what are those precautions

•If the nose is closed, do not do the exercises mentioned.

•They should be avoided even if the nose is runny.

•If you have a nose surgery, do not do any of these exercises.

•Before adopting the method of shortening the nose, please consult the doctor.

•Exercise done in the right way can be beneficial, so take full information before exercising and do not be negligent while doing it.

After reading this article we can hope that you have got answers to questions like how to lengthen the nose and what are the solutions for thinning the nose.  Through this article, we have tried to tell how to thin the nose.  You can get an attractive nose by adopting the method of thinning the nose described in the article.  Keep in mind that it can take time to see results, so be sure to be restrained.  Also, before doing these nose shaping exercises, do consult medical advice.  Below we are answering some questions from readers related to the solution to thin the thick nose.

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