Health Benefits of Carrot And Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Carrot

One remembers the pudding first by looking at the red fresh carrots.  Carrot juice or pudding in every form is beneficial for health.  In Ayurveda, carrots are used to treat many diseases.  Because fat is little in sugar, but nutritional content is high, such as sodium, potassium, protein, protein, vitamin A, D, C, B6 etc.

  Carrots are used for medicine for diseases such as migraines, ear pain, bad mouth, stomach ache due to this nutritional.  Let us know about the unspeakable facts about Chalkeger. Health Benefits of Carrot And Nutrition Facts

Carrot Uses and Benefits

Carrot has so many properties that it is used as a medicine in Ayurveda.  Along with increasing the light of the eyes, carrot is beneficial for the heart and for other diseases, further know about it in detail-

Carrot Benefits for Headache

Carrot Benefits for Headache

Stress usually causes migraine problems.  Carrot home remedy proves very beneficial in relieving migraine.

Warm the carrot leaves with ghee and take out their juice and pour 2-3 drops in the nose and ears, it provides relief from pain.(1).

Carrot Beneficial for Eye Health

work on computer is increasing day by day.  Due to which the eyes have to face the most problems.  Carrots help in keeping the eyes healthy.

Clean 250 grams of fennel and keep it in a glass vessel, add almond-colored carrots to it.  After drying, taking 5 grams with milk at night increases the eyesight.

Benefits For Ear pain

Ear pain

If there is a pain in the ears as a side effect of a cold, cough or some disease, treating carrot in this way provides relief.  Dripping 1-2 drops of water cooked with banana root, carrot, ginger and garlic in lukewarm hot water in the ear reduces ear pain.

Carrot good for Oral Health

The medicinal properties of carrots are beneficial in diseases of the mouth.  Chewing fresh leaves of carrots provides relief in mouth ulcers, oral odor, bleeding from the root of teeth and pus discharge.

Eat Carrot to Get Relief from Cough

If you are troubled by cough due to change of weather and not taking the name of being less then it can be treated with carrot.  Consuming 40-60 ml juice of carrot after adding sugar and black pepper powder brings out phlegm, which gives relief from phlegm problem.Health Benefits of Carrot

Benefits of Carrot For Heart diseases

Carrot For Heart diseases

Consuming carrots in this way keeps the heart healthy.  Cook 5-6 carrots on coals or peel them raw and leave them in the dew outside overnight.  Eating Kevada or Gulab extracts and sugar candy in the morning is beneficial in heart disease.  Eating carrot pudding also benefits.

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Benefits of Carrot for Body Weakness

If weakness is felt due to long illness or due to lack of nutrition, then consuming carrot in this way is beneficial.

Clean carrots and cut them into small pieces and boil them in honey water, when the carrots become soft then spread them out on a cloth and dry them, then boil them only in honey and make a sugar syrup and keep it in the pot, in one kilogram of marmalade, 1-  Add 2 grams cinnamon, dry ginger, cardamom, saffron, musk and nutmeg.  After 40 days, consume 20 to 40 grams of this marmalade, its use is beneficial in mania, weakness and heart disease.

Carrot to Treat Anemia

Red blood does not form due to lack of iron in the blood, which causes anemia.  Boil carrot and boil it in milk and eat it like pudding, it gives strength to the heart, blood loss disappears.

Carrot Benefits for Helminthiasis

Stomach worm is most common in children.  Make a decoction of carrot and drink 20-40 milliliters to get rid of stomach worms.

Carrot Benefits for Abdominal Disease

Carrot Benefits for Abdominal Disease

Often eating spicy food or eating untimely food causes a variety of diseases in the stomach.  Mixing the juice of 10-15 ml leaves in a glass of water and adding salt and one teaspoon of lemon juice according to it is beneficial in stomach disorders (stomach diseases).(2)

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Carrrot Helps in Diarrhoea Treatment

If there is diarrhea due to eating more spicy food, packaged food or outside food that the name of stoppage is not taken, then the home remedy of carrots will be very useful.  Drinking 10-20 ml carrot juice provides relief in diarrhoea

Carrot for Haemorrhoids

If there is more spicy, spicy food, then the chances of getting bloody piles are increased.  Carrot home remedy proves very beneficial in it.  If there is excess blood in the blood piles, drinking 10-20 ml carrot juice with curd cream is beneficial.

Carrot to Get Relieve from Pain During Labour

Carrots help a lot in reducing delivery pain.  Make a decoction by mixing 10 grams of carrot seeds and 100 grams of leaves.  Drinking 20-30 ml of the decoction made reduces the pain of childbirth.  Fumigation of carrot seeds in the vagina also reduces pain.Health Benefits of Carrot

Carrot Heals Burn Injury
Carrot Heals Burn Injury

Using carrot on burning of hands provides relief from burning and pain.  Boiling carrots, grinding and applying it on the burnt place is beneficial and tying it with salt provides relief from the inflammation caused by bile.

Benefits of Carrot for Scabies

In today’s pollution-filled environment, the risk of skin diseases i.e. itching is increasing.  Carrots help in relieving this problem.  Applying carrot juice relieves dry skin and itching.

Carrot Increases Sexual Stamina

Take 1.5 kg of carrot in the middle, roast it in 150 grams of ghee, mix sugar powder, and immerse it in saffron-flavored sugar-candy sauce, and keep it safe by projecting powder of cardamom, almonds and pistachios.  Consuming 10-20 grams of gram prevents burning or burning, spasm or diabetes, blood bile (bleeding from the nose and ears), papasa or thirst, leucorrhoea or gonorrhea.

How to Use Carrot

The method of consumption and use of carrots for the disease has already been described.  If you are using carrot for the treatment of a particular disease, then take the advice of an Ayurvedic doctor.

  According to the doctor’s consultation, 20-40 ml carrot juice should be consumed.

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