How To Get Soft And Pick Lips Naturally At Home

How To Get Soft And Pick Lips Naturally At Home

How To Get Soft And Pick Lips Naturally At Home

In the stories, pinking of the lips is considered an important part in narrating facial beauty.  The beauty of lips is the test of pink and soft lips, so everyone wants her lips to be soft and pink, but you might not know that lip color also indicates your health and illness.  The pink color of the lips is also an introduction to the healthy as well as the beauty of the face.


Know the Disease by Colour of Your Lips

The pinkness of lips is the hallmark of beauty, if thought out of it, lips tell many things about your health.  If you are suffering from some disease, then your lip color starts changing.  Most people ignore the changing lip color and sometimes they are not even noticed.



Red lips-

If your lips start looking more red than before, then understand that this is a sign of health related disease.  Reddening of the lips means that your liver is weak or not working properly.

Apart from this, redness of the lips can also be caused by any food allergies.  Many times it also causes swelling in the lips.


Yellow or white lip-

lip yellow or white means that you may have anemia or anemia, because natural lips are not.  Please tell that due to lack of red hemoglobin in the blood, the color of lips becomes yellow or white.

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Black lips –

If you use more beauty products, the lips start turning black.  But apart from this, people who have a habit of smoking cigarettes also have black lips.


Purple lips –

If your lip color has become purple due to natural color, then it means that you are suffering from some disease related to heart or lungs.  Apart from this, it also indicates disturbances in digestion.

Pink lips tips
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Causes of Loss of Pink Lips

Pink and soft lips are the hallmark of a healthy person.  Many times the pink lips of lips disappear due to change in weather, strong sun, dust and soil.

– Lack of water causes lips to become dry.  Taking care of dry lips is very important.

– After some time, the dead skin starts accumulating in the lips of the lips.  Which is very important to remove.  If the dead skin is not cleaned on the lips, it causes blackness to increase.

-The natural rosy glow of the lips turns into blackness for those who smoke.  It is necessary to get rid of cigarette addiction to maintain the pinkness of lips.

– Lip color on the lips enhance the beauty of the face.

– Staying in the sun for too long also makes the skin darker.

– People who go swimming and stay in water for a long time, their lips turn black.

Due to side effects – Losing pinkness of lips can also be due to side effects.  Some types of high and fragrant ingredients are found in lipstick or lip gloss which causes some women to become allergic.  Before taking any product, test it by applying it on your skin.

How To Get Soft And Pick Lips Naturally At Home


Vitamin C deficiency –

Vitamin C is known for pink lips.  If you are not taking vitamin C in your diet then your lips will become darker.  You should eat fresh fruits and vegetables to get vitamin C.


Lack of water –

If you want to keep your lips pink, then drink plenty of water.  At least 3 liters of water must be drunk during the day so that the lips remain moist.


Lick the lips repeatedly –

Lick them repeatedly in the affair of wetting dry lips, it makes them black.


The sun’s UV ray —

the sun increases Millennin pigmentation.  Lips do not withstand the heat of the sun due to being in the sun for too long and turn black.  UV balm lip balm should be applied to protect lips.


Caffeine intake-

It is known that caffeine makes teeth yellow but it also darkens lips.  The more coffee you drink, the darker your lips will be.  Drinking coffee and tea also darkens lips.


Smoking –

Cigarettes contain nicotine which burns the skin of lips and hence the lips start to darken.  But as soon as you stop smoking, your lips will automatically correct.


Makeup Products-

If you use cheap and low budget lipstick or lip gloss to make lips look attractive, then these products are also making your lips black.  These cheap products contain lead, glass and fragrant ingredients that cause allergic problems in women and make your lips black.


Excessive consumption of antibiotic medicines-

Eating more medicines also has a bad effect on the lips as well as eating antibiotics has a bad effect on the body.

Home remedies for pink lips
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Home Remedies for Black Lips

It is important to keep these things in mind to preserve the pinkness of lips and remove blackness

– Mix lemon in the cream and add sugar to it and use it as a scrub.  Lips will slowly turn pink.

– Applying saffron, rose water and lemon mixed with glycerin also makes lips pink.

Always keep the makeup removed at night.  Do not leave lipstick on the lips.  Rub the toothbrush on the lips while brushing in the morning, this will remove dead skin.

– Grind the leaves of rose and mix its juice in honey and apply it on the lips, lips are pink.

Soak rose leaves in milk.  Make an paste after one hour.  Apply this paste on the lips 2-3 times a day.

– Mixing sugar, honey and coconut oil and applying it on the lips at night, the color of lips is pink by sleeping.

– Use nutrients in the food including beetroot, tomato and watermelon.

– By adding milk to the turmeric, the blackness of the lips is removed.

– Applying pure desi ghee on the lips, lips are soft and pink.

-Grind both of the pomegranates.  Mix the cream in this paste and keep it in the fridge.  Apply it several times on the lips for a week.

– Do not smoke to retain the pinkness of the lips.

-Do not use cheap and cheap quality products because it contains chemicals and fragrant substances that make the lips black.

-Avoid staying in the sun for too long as the sun increases millennial pigmentation.  Due to which the color of lips becomes darker.

– Do not consume coffee more than 3 times a day.

– Do not lick dry lips with tongue again and again.

Stay away from hot liquids and foods.

How To Get Soft And Pick Lips Naturally At Home


Home Remedies for Pink Lips

Before using creams or lip balm etc. to keep lips pink, using these home remedies can be a better option.


Sugar, Olive oil and Lemon Mixture Beneficial for Pink Lips

First of all take a bowl of sugar and add olive oil and a few drops of lemon.  Then massage your lips daily.  Then wash it with water.  It removes blackness of lips and lips are pink.


Lemon and Honey Pack Beneficial for Pink Lips

Lemon for pink lips
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Make a pack of lemon and honey and then place it on your lips for twenty to thirty minutes, after which wash it with water and clean it.  This is an effective home recipe for pinking lips.


Glycerin and Lemon Mixture Beneficial for Pink Lips

Add glycerin and lemon and then try it on the lips before sleeping, then wash it in the morning.  Glycerin is very beneficial in maintaining lip tenderness (Glycerin For Lips).


Water intake Beneficial for Pink Lips

If you also want to keep your lips pink, then first of all include enough water in your routine, because if the lips are pink even if they are torn then they will not look attractive at all.


Roes Water , Lemon and Curd Mixture Beneficial for Pink Lips

To remove blackness of the lips, applying equal quantity of rose water, lemon and curd also improves the color of lips.


Vitamin E Capsule : Home Remedies for pink lips

If you are also looking for home remedies for pinking lips, then use vitamin E.  Leave the vitamin E capsule on the lips for half an hour.  After this, wipe with tissue paper and apply lip balm.


Cream and Tomato Juice Beneficial for Pink Lips

Applying tomato juice to the cream also makes lips pink.


Olive oil and Sugar Beneficial for Pink Lips

Put 1 teaspoon of olive oil, mix 1 teaspoon of sugar and rub this mixture on the lips for a while.  Wip it with a clean cloth and apply coconut oil or country ghee on the lips.  Do this process twice a week.


Aloe Vera Gel and Beetroot Powder Beneficial for Pink Lips

Mix aloe vera gel and beet powder.  Apply it on the lips at bedtime.


Orange Beneficial for Pink Lips

Orange juice for pink lips

Rub the orange on your lips.  Orange juice makes lips look soft and beautiful.


Pomegranate Juice Beneficial for Pink Lips 

You can also use pomegranate juice to get pink lips.  Apart from this, to make black lips beautiful, mix a little carrot juice in pomegranate juice and apply it on the lips.  Lips are also soft with this remedy.

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Lemon Beneficial for Pink Lips
Lemon is very beneficial in treating black lips.  Apply lemon juice on your lips twice.

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