Piles Home Remedies Food | Hemorrhoids Disease

Piles Home Remedies Food | In hemorrhoids, there are swelling and warts inside and outside the anus of the patient.  This is a disease in which the patient suffers a lot.  It is often seen that as soon as the symptoms of hemorrhoids are detected, the patient tries to cure the disease, and according to the doctor, also consumes medicines, but even after that many times the hemorrhoids are not fully treated.  .  This leads to the operation.  In fact, in a disease like hemorrhoids, the patient needs to pay a lot of attention to his food as well as medicines.  Therefore, the information on diet chart for piles is being given here.(1)

By adopting this information, you will not only be able to prevent disease, but will also be able to treat hemorrhoids properly if you are sick.

Diet During Piles or Haemorrhoids Disease Piles Home Remedies Food

Piles Home Remedies Food

If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, your diet should be like this:

* Grains: Wheat, Barley, Rice.

* Lentils: Red Lentil, Green Gram

* Fruits and vegetables: Drumstick, tinda, nutmeg, parwal, garlic, gourd, luffa, bitter gourd, kaddu, seasonal vegetables, guava, amla, papaya, radish leaves, fenugreek, greens, suran, fiber-rich fruits – cucumber, carrots,  Beans, beans.

* Other: light food, black salt, curd, drink more water, cumin, turmeric, fennel, mint, honey, wheat sorghum, lemon, asafoetida.

Your Lifestyle for Piles or Hemorrhoids Treatment

Hemorrhoids Disease

Your lifestyle should be like this when suffering from hemorrhoids: –

* Do not eat junk food.

* Fast. 1 day a week

* Don’t be stressed and angry.

* Exercise.

* Drink cold water.

* Do not consume food containing fried and roasted peppers and spices.

* Do not sit in one place for long.

* Exercise regularly and do pranayama.

* Do not force during defecation.

Points to be Remember in Piles or Hemorrhoids Disease

While treating hemorrhoids, keep these things in mind: –

Piles Home Remedies Food

Piles or Hemorrhoids Disease

(1) Practice meditation and yoga daily.

(2) Must have fresh and light hot food.

(3) Eat slowly in a quiet place with a calm, positive and happy mind.

(4) Eat three to four times.

(5) Do not give up food at any time, and avoid excessive food.

(6) Fasting once a week.

(7) Leave 1 / 3rd / 1 / 4th part of the stomach empty.

(8) Chew food properly and eat slowly.

(9) Take a walk 3-5 minutes after taking food.

(10) Wake up before sunrise [5:30 – 6:30 am].

(11) Clean the teeth twice daily.

(12) Do Jivah daily.

(13) Take a walk after eat food.

(14) Sleep at right time [9-10 PM] at night.

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Piles Home Remedies Food

Piles Home Remedies Food

Patients with piles should drink as much water as possible, in addition to fiber-rich diet. Also you can take the diet mentioned below in piles.

1. Drink plenty of water

Piles patients should drink 4 to 5 liters of water a day. Toxic substances present in the body come out of the water through urine. Apart from this, there is also no problem related to the bowels. The person who drinks more water, his body remains hydrated and there is no problem of constipation.(1)

2. Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables benefit health in many ways. Green leafy vegetables are also very beneficial in hemorrhoids patients. There are many types of anti-oxidants and vitamins found in leafy vegetables, which makes the muscles strong. Apart from this, green leafy vegetables are also very beneficial for cleaning the intestines.

3. Whole Grains

Whole grains are very beneficial in curing piles. For this, you can also consume bran-containing substances. This improves digestion. Multi grain bread, brown rice and brown bread etc. should be taken by the patients of piles.

4. Sprouted Grains

Hemorrhoids patients should take as much vitamin C, fiber and calcium as possible. For this, the patient should consume half a bowl of sprouted grains such as soaked black gram. But remember that while eating them, chew them properly and eat them.

5. Fruit intake

Every person must eat a fruit daily. Consumption of fruits is also very beneficial for the patients of hemorrhoids. But the patients of piles should eat only with fruit peels, as the peel contains the most fiber, besides, it is also a good source of vitamins and minerals. Piles patients should take apple, banana, orange, grape etc.

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