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Unlimited Tips For Your Health And Beauty

In this busy life, everyone wants their body and their face to be very good, but there is no time to do it, today in this article you have been told some special ways to make your body attractive and face beautiful.  You can do it at your home, even from the same way as your home, let us know that all these measures are from cones.Tips For Health And Beauty

Beauty tips for small but big things

– Mix a drop of baby oil in body lotion and apply it on the body.  A different glow will be seen in the skin.

Party Makeup Steps and Tips

– Take ripe avocado and peel it.  Mash it well and apply it on the entire body.  Wash after 20 minutes.  Your skin will become very soft.

– If the hair looks sticky from the roots, dip the makeup brush in loose powder.  ‘Dab’ it behind the palm, so that the extra powder comes out.  Now dust it on the hair roots.  It will absorb the hair oil and get rid of stickiness immediately.  Spray the perfume on the hair brush and brush the hair with it.  Your hair will be smelling throughout the day.

After blow dry, apply hair spray on hair brush to give final touch to hair and brush hair from roots to ends.  This will make the hair look natural and the hair will also get volume and shine.

– If the makeup has spread while applying the make-up and there is no time to do the entire make-up again, dip the cotton in the make-up remover and fix the make-up carefully.

– If you want the hair of the eyebrows to be shiny, then apply some eye cream on the eyebrows.

– If the eyebrows are disheveled, then spray hair on a toothbrush or eyebrows comb and decorate the eyebrows with it.

If your mascara breaks while applying the pencil, keep it in the freezer for 15 minutes before use.  It will not break even and will be applied easily.

– If your eye lashes have a straight hair and do not curl quickly, then heat the eyelash curler with a hair dryer for a few seconds, curl the lashes and apply water-proof mascara.

If you are applying dark color lipstick and if the lipstick spreads, instead of rubbing it, dip a cotton ball or tissue in a makeup remover and wipe it off.  This will not leave lipstick marks on the surrounding skin.

You can also use lipstick as a blush, but never use blush as a lipstick.

– Keep your favorite lipstick in the fridge.  His age will increase.

If the nail is broken a little, instead of cutting it, apply super glue on it and paint it with a nail polish of dark color.  Broken nails will not be known.

– If the skin of the under arm looks dry and patchy, exfoliate the under arm with a scrub before wearing a sleeveless outfit.Tips For Health And Beauty

How to get rid of thighs black?

Lemon juice

Lemon juice

The use of lemon is useful for cleansing the skin, removing dead cells and other impurities.  Do not rub lemon juice directly on the skin.  Due to the acid in the lemon juice, it can cause the skin to burn or become red.  To solve this problem, add water and apply thin lemon juice on the dark area for five minutes and then wash it with water.(1)

Aloe vera gel-

Apply Aloe Vera juice by rotating round clock wise and anti-clockwise for five minutes and leave it to dry.  Use hot water to remove this juice from the skin.  When you apply this juice on the skin till it dries then it gives nutritious elements and antioxidants to the skin, which helps in its healing.


Tomatoes have gained fame due to their ability to provide antioxidants and remove skin dirt.  Do you know that many beauticians recommend tomatoes to remove oil from the skin and remove dead cells?  Make a paste of tomato and apply it on the skin for five minutes and then tie it on the skin for 20 minutes.  This will work out the darkness and make them fair.


Rub the cucumber pieces on the thighs for five minutes daily.  Black skin and thighs will be enhanced due to skin lightening and moisturizing ingredients.  To make it more effective, add a few drops of lemon to it and use again.



Papaya scrub can be used to remove impurities of the skin to the depths.  Make a paste of papaya and apply it on the skin like a layer.  Use this home remedy using a soft bristle brush to brighten your skin.


Apply honey on your thighs and rub for five minutes, then leave it for 20 minutes.  Repeat this action every week for better results.


Take a potato and grind it.  Now leave this potato juice on the thighs and leave it to dry.  This enzyme will work on black skin and make it white and beautiful.

Turmeric and Orange

Prepare a scrub by mixing orange juice in turmeric.  Orange juice is rich in vitamin C and the ingredients present in turmeric are helpful in getting rid of dark skin.  Use warm water to remove this paste from the skin.Tips For Health And Beauty

Easy ways to make hair silky

Easy ways to make hair silky


It does not give a lot of protein to the head, but when honey, lemon or milk is mixed with it and applied on the head, the hair becomes soft at once.  Leave it for half an hour.(2)


Mix honey in eggs or milk and apply it on the head.  But do not leave this paste on your head for long, because honey can lighten your hair color.


It contains a lot of protein, which is very good for hair.  Apply it in a hair pack on the head.  This hair becomes strong and soft.


Hair care cannot be done without applying oil.  If you wash the hair without applying oil then the hair will become very dry.


The longer your hair is, take a banana and mash it accordingly.  Then apply it from top to bottom in hair and after some time wash it.


It contains a lot of protein.  It delivers moisture to the hair.  Add gram flour in it or add eggs or fenugreek powder.


After washing the hair with shampoo, apply beer to it.  This will give hair shine and it will also bounce.

Apple Cider Weiniger

After washing the head with shampoo, apply Apple Cider Veneer in it.  After that wash it with clean water.  This will add moisture to the hair and make it soft.


The hair will become smooth when it is mixed with a hair pack.  You can mix it with eggs, oil, milk or honey and apply it.

Gram Flour

It contains a lot of protein, so mix it with curd and make a hair mask.  When this paste is well applied in hair and scalp, then wash it with water.  Your hair will look silky.Tips For Health And Beauty

Make the skin more beautiful vinegar

Make the skin more beautiful vinegar

Easy use of vinegar

Take a clean bottle and fill it with 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of clean water.  Mix it well and apply it on the face with a cotton ball.  This can clear the mouth several times a day.(3)

Baking Soda and Vennigar Bath

To bring glow and remove spots on the body, add half a cup of baking soda, half a cup of oatmeal and 1 cup of vinegar to your bathtub and soak the whole body in it for 15 minutes.

Shine hands

Wash your hands with simple soap.  Then put vinegar on your hands for a few minutes and wash for a few more minutes.  By doing this, your hands will become baby soft.

Used as a deodorant

Apply herbal or white veneer next to your body.  Then let it dry for a few minutes.  This will make you smell and you will not even need to apply a dio.

Vinegar also cleans the comb

Take 2 cups of hot water, mix half a cup of vinegar in it.  Now soak your combs, hair clips, bangles, chains etc. in it for one night.  Then wash it with cold water and dry it again.

Erase sunburn and rash

Mix 1 teaspoon vinegar in 1 cup of water.  Now sprinkle it lightly on your skin.  Then apply non-oily moisturizer.  By this method, the burnt part of the body starts healing immediately.Tips For Health And Beauty

Get rid of pimples and allergies

Get rid of pimples and allergies

Take apple cider veniger in a cup, mix a little water in it.  Apply it wherever there is an allergy on the body.

Facials at home for a beautiful face

1- Cleaning

First, remove the makeup on your face.  For this, use cold milk and then clean it with a cloth.

2- Scrubbing

Scrubbing kills the dead cells of the face.  To make a scrub, grind the almonds and add milk to it.  Now scrub in rounding with your hands.  Then wipe the face with a wet cloth.

3- Remove black heads

The next step is to remove black heads and white heads from the face.  To remove it, steam hot water on the face.  After this use the tool to remove blackheads.

Apply mask

1- Turmeric, Sandalwood and Almonds

Mix two spoons turmeric, two teaspoons sandalwood, two spoons almond oil and a little water in a cup of flour.  Apply this paste on your face and leave it for 30 minutes.  Massage the face while removing it.  These packs are extremely beneficial for those who have Pimple complaints.

2-egg and city pack

Mix one egg yellow with one spoon of honey.  Apply it on the face and leave it for 20 minutes.  It is beneficial for wrinkled skin.  This makes dry skin soft.

3- Carrot and milk

Mix the carrots with two teaspoons of milk powder.  Apply this mask on your face and leave it for 20 minutes.  This makes the skin look radiant and glowing.  Apply a moisturizer after washing your face.Tips For Health And Beauty

Some tips to apply bold makeup

Some tips to apply bold makeup

Confidence –

Although we are talking about external aspects like makeup, but confidence is also very important in this.  You will not want to make yourself ugly with bold makeup.  Good makeup tips come out from inside.  According to your makeup, you have to keep the poses, expressions and gentleness.  You can use many bold makeup tips.  But if you lack confidence then you will spoil everything.

Know your skin shade –

Everyone’s skin has a different skin shade and different nature.  For this reason, there is not a single type of cosmetic shoot at all.  Well-known cosmetic brands know this and hence bring different products according to different skin shades.  This is an essential makeup tip for women.  Know about your skin shade from a knowledgeable person and use foundation, powder and other cosmetic products accordingly.

Accessories –

You may have a good foundation, blusher, eye shadow or good lipstick, but if you don’t have the right equipment to apply them then all is useless.  Everything needs proper equipment to do the right thing.  When you shop for cosmetic products, do not forget to buy brushes and other tools.  Using the right equipment will give you a perfect look without bleeding and stains.

Closely –

remember there are tips for bold make but not for heavy makeup.  Good beauty comes in really close.  You are not doing makeup for any theater performance or Halloween.  You do makeup to show yourself and your image better, so the makeup should be according to it.  As far as bold makeup tips are concerned, it is a mixture of boldness and thinness.

Highlight –

First determine which part of the face you want to highlight more.  If you are doing bold colors on the eyes, make the lips colorless or light colored, or you can do both.  If both are heavy then it will look like a mess and heavy picture.  The blusher is not too dark when you are focusing on this part.  More blusher can make you like a road dancer.Tips For Health And Beauty

Beautiful hair tips

Beautiful hair tips

Who does not like beautiful hair  Every girl wants her hair to be beautiful long and thick, but for such hair it is necessary to take extra care of the hair.  Then even if you have to bring hair shine.  To enhance the beauty of hair, they should be cleaned and taken care of properly.  New hair experiments are very dangerous for hair.  So you have to take care of them according to your hair style and appearance.  We are giving you hair care tips to find solution to your problem and give hair shine.

Come, learn about beautiful hair tips.

If you want to keep the hair shine and your hair grow well, then you should take special care of some things.  For example, before using anything on hair, you should know about its disadvantages and advantages.

New experiments should not be done on hair, especially while doing hair color.  Yes, you can do this by taking the opinion of the expert or under the supervision of experts.

When using any product on hair, take special care of its quality.  Always use only good quality products.

If you do not have good hair despite taking good care of hair, then you should take advice from a hair expert and follow it.

Avoid ironing and permitting your own hair at home, but get it done by an expert.

Wash hair at least two to three times a week.  Not only this, massage the hair at least once a week with some good oil.

Use herbal oil once a week.  Along with the massage, it also relieves you from stress.

To keep hair healthy, get them cut from time to time and do not leave hair open at all times.Tips For Health And Beauty

Do not wash hair with warm water.

Before using any product, make sure that the product is natural.  Use only products that dissolve easily in water.

People who go to the gym, those who work harder, more dusty, sunny people should wash their hair daily.  People who work hard, in such a way, excessive sweat accumulates dirt in the hair.

Conditioner is also harmful for hair.  The choice of two teaspoons of honey in half a bucket of water is better than the conditioner.  Putting this water in the hair will show the same effect that is seen with the conditioner.

If your hair is dandruff-filled or split and the scalp is also scratchy, then understand that hair is unhealthy.  For this, consult an expert, other was to take home remedies.

When using hair color, make sure that it is natural and avoid using ammonia based hair color.

Curd, honey, lemon and multani mitti should be used to enhance the beauty of hair.

Along with hair care, keeping a high amount of anti-oxidants in the diet keeps hair healthy. Easy tips to get natural beauty with makeup

It is said that we have the right of women to decorate.  There will hardly be any ordinary woman in the world who is not groomed.  And makeup is considered to be the most important for grooming.  But, they say there is no harm to simplicity.  Makeup looks good only when it gives a natural look.  Every woman wants to look beautiful, whether she is a makeup or natural beauty.  If the makeup is done well, it enhances your beauty.

You want your makeup to look natural and in this affair, sometimes you apply less makeup and sometimes you over-increase the amount of makeup.  In both cases, you cannot enjoy the beauty of natural makeup.  So let’s tell you.Tips For Health And Beauty

Tips to get natural makeup-

Tips to get natural makeup

The foundation

Always choose a foundation shade that matches your skin.  If your skin is yellow, then apply yellow color foundation.  White girls can apply pink foundation.

Bronze effect

Use natural colors.  Avoid using too dark colors.  Because it makes your big hard image.  The use of too much white and yellow color seems too artificial.

Use of powder

Choose one of the creams or powders to suit your skin.  If you have too much oily skin, then choose powder.  It blends with your skin much better than Dhange.  And if your skin is dry, use a cream base, so that the makeup does not spread after a few hours.

Use of blusher

Blush on the upper part of the cheeks, but take care not to blush too much or else your look will deteriorate instead of grooming.  Also choose Brick Tone Blush On – it works for everyone.


The master trick to make your makeup natural is to harmonize it.  Apply a little on the nose and blend it towards the cheeks.

Natural makeup tips

Often we do makeup, but applying foundation, face powder, etc., shows a thick layer of makeup on our face, which does not make our makeup look natural.  If you use a primer on the skin before makeup and make-up after applying it, then your makeup will look absolutely natural.

Even after applying makeup many times, the dark circles of your eyes and the color of your neck look different, due to which the makeup done by you is of no use.  To hide the dark circles of the eyes, apply natural light oil free concealer at that place.  This will hide the dark circles under your eyes.

After wetting the makeup sponge, you put a drop of free liquid foundation key on it and roll it on the entire face.  This will make your foundation look the same.

Lipstick gives your makeup a perfect look, so do not forget to apply lipstick on the lips while doing makeup.  If you have thick lips, apply dark lipstick.

Apply a little foundation on the lips to ensure that the lipstick stays on the lips for longer.  After that make a line out of the lip liner by applying a slight face powder on the lips.  Then apply lipstick with the help of a brush.

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